Visiting Barcelona Alone Day 1: Pub Crawls

Visiting Barcelona Alone

Planning on Visiting Barcelona Alone? Need some tips?

After working an intense ski season as a runner in a bustling restaurant in Tignes, France, I was eager to get warmed up on a beach – any beach. Visiting Barcelona and it’s famous Barceloneta Beach sprang to mind and I got to booking. Being a person that hates flying but loves traveling, I do sometimes find it difficult to get around. If no other option is available, sure I’ll fly, but as I’m in Europe – trains are always an option!


After a getting advice off a friend of mine and doing some extensive research, I decided to give Interrail a go. For most people Interrail is about changing destinations on-the-fly and visiting new and exciting places. As a 31 year old who had just completed a gruelling 5 month stint in one of the most exhaustive jobs I’ve ever encountered, I needed some stability. I had half my trip planned before I left France and knew exactly which hostels I’d be bunking in and on which dates. Hey, spontaneity isn’t for everyone!


On My Way!

So I arrived in Barcelona after a fairly lengthy train ride from France and proceeded to my hostel. Of my 3 days in Barcelona, I decided to spend 2 in a party hostel to be sociable and the last night in a quieter place to get some sleep. So I started in a place called Kabul Party Hostel Barcelona which advertises itself as an all out party hostel. They mention in their description that you shouldn’t plan on getting much sleep there and to an extent they were right but for seemingly different reasons than I thought.


Of the many rooms in the hostel – I firmly believe that ours was the quietest. By “ours”, I’m referring to the other random people that I shared the room with. Walking through the corridors, you could could hear groups of people chatting away and making plans for the night. It was quite upbeat and cheerful throughout my stay. When visiting Barcelona alone, upbeat is what you’re looking for.


I spent the evening in the hostels bar area, meeting people that I’d be pub crawling with and getting a few drinks in. The bar area was quite large and had a good buzz to it. The bar staff and receptionists were all super friendly and helpful, so I was rather pleased with my choice. There was a free dinner involved (which surprised me). Nothing special, just some pasta in a tomato sauce – but for a traveler on a budget it was a nice way to save a few euros.


The Pub Crawl

The pub crawl started just after 11pm if I recall correctly. We went to a few decent bars and I met some great people from around the world but by the end of the night the herd had shrunk to just a handful of us. The main issue everyone had with the pub crawl was just how far each place was from each other. I can’t fault the places because I had a fantastic time but I was worn out by the time we reached the final destination: a club on Barceloneta Beach.


About 10 of us entered this club and immediately lost sight of each other for most of what remained of that night. I cannot describe how big (and somehow packed) this place was but I spent a good hour bumping around people before finding one of the herd. We didn’t last much longer. On the way out we bumped into a few other stragglers and together we taxied home to our party hostel.


Waking up from a hangover is always painful. Waking up from a hangover with drums outside your window is torture. I was unlucky enough to have street performers doing their backflips and cartwheels just outside my hostels window while blasting their music. I didn’t get much sleep. The performers were actually quite good though…


Things to Note when Visiting Barcelona Alone:

  • Find out how far the bars and clubs are. Walking for 20+ minutes when you’re drunk is not fun!


  • If you end up in a club near the beach – keep your group in sight (if you like them). If not…


  • Street performers in Barcelona are incredible. Take a few minutes to enjoy.


  • For a solo traveler, Barcelona is a great choice.


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