Visiting Barcelona Alone Day 4: Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

Barcelona's Gothic Quarter

Barcelona is great place to visit. And Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter is probably one of the areas you’ll be excited to go see. I had traveled to Barcelona without any research beforehand, so I’d never heard of the Gothic Quarter until I arrived and found my first hostel to be adjacent to it. Anyone that’s even remotely interested in architecture will enjoy this area. For everyone else, it’s still fascinating to walk through this beautiful neighborhood.

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

Barcelona's Gothic Quarter 2The Gothic Quarter used to be a Roman village but with is now mix-match of various old and new buildings. There are lots of narrow alleyways between streets. I found myself stopping often to gaze at the many beautiful buildings concentrated in this area.

Then spent about few hours just wandering the streets, walking up and down various alleyways. I found myself in good company with lots of other tourists doing the exact same thing.

It’s a good idea to have Google Maps on your phone when exploring as it can get very maze-like after awhile. Walking through all these cool narrow streets, you’ll pass by some good restaurants and bars spread out around the area. And if you’re close to the Las Ramblas side of the Gothic Quarter, you’ll find a large open zone with lots of outdoor restaurants and some local entertainment. If you’re visiting Barcelona alone, I’d strongly recommend visiting the Gothic Quarter to see a bit of history.


Earlier the same day, I had moved over to another hostel not far from the Gothic Quarter. Although I had chosen Barcelona as a party destination – I did want to get a good night’s sleep before departing. I chose a place called Be Sound Hostel which was slightly further away from from Las Ramblas and a smidgen closer to the harbor where I’d be taking a ferry from Barcelona to Italy (Civitavecchia).

Be Sound Hostel

I entered the hostel through a security door and was greeted by a super friendly receptionist. Although I’d arrived quite early, she was quite happy to find a bed for me. This hostel was a lot more chill and was perfect for my last night in Barcelona. Unlike my first hostel, it had a fully equipped kitchen which is always handy to keep your drinks chilled.

So after a long day of sightseeing – it felt great to get back to the hostel, devour a kebab and relax in the shared lounge with a cold beer. It’s a good rest stop if you’re looking for a less crowded hostel experience.

Be sure to check out Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 of my trip if you’re planning on visiting Barcelona alone.

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