Visiting Barcelona Alone Day 3: Bus Tour

Visiting Barcelona Alone

Waking up from another hangover, I needed a strong cup of coffee and something bacon-based. I headed off scouring the area and came across a really cool and inexpensive cafe called Tant de Bo on Carrer Nou de la Rambla. I grabbed a coffee and bacon omelet and had a seat. An older gentleman next to me struck up a conversation and we had a good chat about Barcelona. He gave me a good few tips about spotting some great architecture in the area.


Barcelona Architecture

I had no plan for the day so I decided to take it easy and do a bus tour. Now, bus tours are quite popular in most major cities. It’s a great way to see some of a city’s most famous attractions from a fairly comfy seat.

Every tour bus that I’ve taken has been “hop-on hop-off”. This simply means that you can get off at an attraction, explore it a bit, and get on one of the later buses.

I found a ticket counter to purchase bus tour tickets on Las Ramblas (the main street in central Barcelona). The street is always quite busy during the day so you’ll need to make your way up, away from the beach, through all the outdoor restaurants to find the ticket stall. The nice lady I bought my ticket from directed me on where to take the bus and I was on my way.


On The Bus

If you’re into architecture, you’ll love this tour. If you’re not, it’s a bit less exciting. I fit somewhere in-between, so I enjoyed most of the trip but was quite happy for it to eventually end. I decided not to get off at any stops but rather just enjoy the day relaxing on the upper deck of the bus. After completing a full round on the bus, I hopped onto an alternate route and got to see a little more of beautiful Barcelona. Check out the pics below:


Barcelona ArchitectureBarcelona ArchitectureBarcelona Architecture

All in all, I’d say that this experience is mainly for architecture admirers and few else. I’m happy that I got to see these places even if it was just for a few seconds as the bus drove by. The tour also passed by the Barcelona soccer (football) stadium – which I’d completely forgotten about.

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