Visiting Barcelona Alone Day 2: Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta Beach

Visiting Barcelona Alone? Barceloneta is for you!

A trip to Barcelona isn’t complete until you’ve enjoyed a cocktail on their fantastic beach – Barceloneta. Although the main part of the beach can get a little crowded during peak time, I was easily able to find a more secluded area by walking a couple minutes away from the main bars and restaurants.


Barceloneta Beach

Walking from my hostel, I was unable to find Barceloneta Beach on my first day out (even using a map), but after leaving a club the night prior via the smoking area – I found myself right on the sand, and was able to retrace my steps the following day. The beach itself is fairly large in my opinion. There are numerous bars and restaurants available to grab a beer or cocktail on most of the stretch of beach. White tables places sporadically on the sand are there for table service on the beach – if you’d prefer to move as little as possible. A Jamaican waiter patrolled the beach looking for customers and his upbeat energy and infectious laugh made for an entertaining afternoon for anyone in the vicinity.


If you decide to try relax on the main area of the beach, you will usually be bombarded with offers to buy mojitos/cheap beer and for Chinese massages from local merchants patrolling the beach. If you’re interested in these services, there are plenty of options available and prices are fairly low. So if you want a cheap cocktail without paying high street prices, this is always an option. I didn’t try any during my time there so I cannot judge on how great they taste…


For those like myself that would just like to relax and grab some rays – head to the further edges for more privacy. The further you go, in either direction away from the bars, the less people will approach you. All-in-all, Barceloneta Beach is a great place to chill out once you’ve found the right spot for you.



While walking around the city I noticed a lot of people making use of bicycles. There are plenty of bike only lanes on the walk to beach and I thought it would be a great idea to hire one during my trip. Unfortunately, due to recurring hangovers, this never eventualised. However, if you’re visiting Barcelona alone, I think this would be a better way to travel the city rather than slogging it by foot. There are a number of bike hire options available if you’re better on 2 wheels than feet.


Back at the Hostel

After obtaining a spotty sunburn, I returned to Kabul Party Hostel to meet some friends that I’d made at the pub crawl the night before. The spacious bar area in the hostel allowed place for a number of drinking games on various tables. I was thrilled to play and win my very first game of beer pong. To keep my ego in check, I proceeded to lose every other drinking game that night.


Things to Note When Visiting Barceloneta Beach

  • Bring and remember to use sunscreen. It didn’t seem too hot out but I baked nevertheless.


  • Watch your belongings. Barcelona is pretty safe but be smart with your stuff.


  • You will to get offered a lot of stuff on the beach. Don’t lose your cool, everyone needs to make a living!


  • You may see the random nude person letting it all dangle out. It’s Europe, get used to it…


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