Hosteling Guide – My Top 3 Hostels in Europe

Top Hostels in Europe

Choosing my top hostels in Europe is no easy task. What makes a good hostel exactly? The people you meet, the atmosphere, comfort, facilities? I’ve been lucky to enjoy myself at every place I’ve stayed, which does make it difficult to choose my favorites. When possible, I try to stay in multiple hostels while in a city. It gives you a chance to see more of the city and meet new and interesting people. I’m sure, over time, my top hostels will change but for the moment – here are the one’s that stick in my mind.


1. Le Village Hostel Montmartre (Paris)

Le Village Hostel Montmartre ParisI had stayed in Paris a few times but always for a night (from missing a train) and didn’t get a chance to fully explore the city. So in late 2015, I decided to take a few weeks and go exploring. I’m not sure why I chose this hostel – whether it was the price or vicinity to the train station, but it made my first true experience in Paris more memorable.

The hostel is situated slap bang in the middle of the Montmartre area – which is a popular area for artists and art lovers to gather. Although Paris itself looks worse for wear these days, the Montmartre area still has a lot of magic to offer. If you make your way up the hill towards the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre – you’ll find loads of great restaurants and beautiful streets to wander through.

The hostel itself was quite clean and comfy. I stayed in a 4 bedroom dorm with a large patio area immediately outside the door. Although there weren’t many people making use of the patio area for socializing – I found it a nice place to relax on a sunbed and read.

Along with many good nights rest,  I recall the receptionists being extremely helpful throughout my stay. If you’re an art lover and looking for a great hostel that’s not too pricey – I’d strongly recommend Le Village Hostel Montmartre as one of the top hostels in Europe.

2. Kabul Party Hostel (Barcelona)

Kabul Party Hostel BarcelonaI’m not a big party person anymore so I was surprised that I enjoyed this hostel so much. It’s located right off the main La Rambla area. You’ve got Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter right outside your door as well as a host of incredible restaurants as well.

The hostel’s website does warn you in advance that you won’t get much sleep. The whole point of staying at a party hostel is to stay up, meet new people and have a good time. And it delivers a lot of what’s advertised. I stayed in a 16-bed dorm room which a fairly comfy bed. There’s a large bar area downstairs where you can meet other travelers for pre-drinks before heading out. There’s always a game of beer pong running and the bar starts filling up after 8pm.

The lockers were huge and the staff were friendly and polite. On busier nights they had a security guard hanging around the bar area – but everyone was too busy having a good time to start any trouble. If you’re out for a good time and don’t mind losing a bit of sleep – Kabul Party Hostel is a great find.


3. Amazing Hostel (Budapest)

Amazing Hostel BudapestThis is another interesting add to the list. I was looking for a cheap hostel to stay at when running short of money and chose to crash at Amazing Hostel. And although my initial impression of the hostel wasn’t great – it grew on me surprisingly fast. It’s located in an older part of the city and right around the corner from the famous ruin pub – Szimpla Kert. You’ve got great bars, restaurants and many clubs within walking distance from the hostel.

The hostel is situated inside a block of flats and looks as if it’s been converted from either two conjoined flats or one very large one. The rooms and beds are quite bare and basic but it makes up for this with a lot of charm in the remaining space. The living room/social area/reception is colorful and cheery. It’s never busy and feels very homely. After a big night out, it was great to come and chill with a cup of coffee and chat with the other guys making their way in. There is something in the simplicity of this hostel that makes it so relaxing – and a special addition for this hosteling guide.

The lockers weren’t huge but were big enough for my needs. The staff were a nice cheery bunch and although their desk in right in the lounge – they never bother you. I stayed in a 6-bed mixed dorm that was dead quiet throughout the night. If you’re tired of big, busy hostels and are looking for a home away from home – give Amazing Hostel a try. It may just charm its way into your heart too.


Top Hostels in Europe

Choosing a my top hostels isn’t easy. There are special moments attached to each hostel and every country that can easily affect my choices. At the end of the day, it’s my personal opinion that I’m sharing for others to use to their advantage. This hosteling guide is just that – a guide. Use it to find places I’ve enjoyed or choose places for yourself. Either way, as long as you enjoy the trip – it was a success!

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